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Satanism in Asheville, NC

July 26, 2013

These mountains are filled with the blood of Christian martyrs.

There was a reason for my hesitation in returning to this dark region of America.

Yes, thankfully God is also there, and many wonderful miracles have occurred in those mountains of the “Bible Belt” of America’s  Southeast. There are many fine Christians living in this region as well. But it is far past time for the untold stories to also be heard as well.

There are many lost youth in that pagan mecca of America’s Southeast, Asheville, NC. The battle is always raging for who will own and control them…the power of Satan, or the power of Jesus Christ.

I know this from my years of working among and interviewing these young people, and hearing of their tragic experiences of being raised in multi-generational occult households throughout this region.

Should we all as Christians in our nation be weeping for and praying against the terrible sins of this generation, and the terrible darkness that Satan’s influence and his followers have brought upon our nation? 

Should we weep for the victims who continually are dying in secret on the satanic altars all across America…abducted adults and children who will die in terror and rejection, to never see their families again…and babies deliberately bred to only be sacrificed?

Of course! But we must also be aware that this danger is real!

And understand that what is happening in the Asheville region, is actually happening all over America, in city after city. And in YOUR region as well. Most of you simply don’t know it. The highway to hell that leads to Asheville, runs right through your city as well…

Christians should all be praying about this great sin and darkness found across America. And in order to care, we must first KNOW. Too many Americans and Christians do not know. And that is why articles like this must be written. And why such articles like this must also be read. This is not an hour for Christian naivete on this urgent subject.

One young man who admitted to me he was recruited into Satanism in his elementary school in the Asheville area while in the 5th grade, and by the time he was 19, he had already sacrificed countless victims on the satanic altars of those mountains.

“No one narcs to the police on the coven and gets away with it…and because she was my girlfriend, they made me sacrifice her. We took her up the side of  Town Mountain, and she was chained to our altar. They put that knife in my hand, and I cut her open from neck to groin…”

People like this young man are easy to find in the many covens in and around Asheville. Members often congregate in public, like at the especially vile bar called the Jolie Rouge. Satanic rituals are often even conducted in public, with permits, however the symbolism is  disguised, and none of the sacrifices are made, obviously. This is yet another way that they recruit lost youth who are confuse, vulnerable, and searching. The weekly drum circle, conducted right in the heart of downtown, is just one such example.  

The Surreal Circus, another public display of “alternative sexuality” and depravity, under the guise of “art”, was finally banished, due in no small part to the many Christian prayer groups fighting to take Asheville back from the influence of evil.

Yet another public spectacle of perversion was the Lube Royale “performances” which often had masked nude people performing and even engaging in sexual acts with goats onstage. Their performances were almost always timed to precede the major pagan solstices and holidays, in order to recruit new members, as well as find new victims, who would drink themselves unconscious during the orgy of sin and noise that comprised the “show”.

Another young woman recounted to me in a church in downtown Asheville one day, her lifelong experience with grim satanism in the Asheville area. Her family belonged to the “power people coven” consisting of the self-professing “rich, elite and powerful” of that region. 

The mansions of the rich and powerful are found on Town Mountain road, and also in the Biltmore Forest Area. Many of these mansions have been home to human sacrifices.

This “power people coven” consisted of  many of the wealthy and influential, including doctors and brain surgeons, judges, many lawyers, DA’s, mayors, and other various prominent people throughout that city.

Through years of research, I discovered that every city across America has her own “power people coven” that secretly rules over that city from behind the shadows. Asheville is but a microcosm of what is happening in many other cities and regions across America, in varying degrees. 

Every state has their “Asheville.” It could even be your own home town…like Elyria, Ohio…or Lilydale, New York…or East Harrison, Indiana, all known regions of very hard-core satanism that I have visited and prayed over or ministered in. This tragic darkness is everywhere across America.

“My parents dedicated me to Satan from my mother’s womb, ” she admitted. “At the age of four, I was forced to offer my first act of human sacrifice. An infant was put in front of me and a knife was put in my hand….”

She told me all about her years in Asheville High School, where she and other kids of satanist parents had to constantly play the game of “pretend.” 

“We would pretend to be just like the other students in the high school…but we were not. We had to fake it all the time to avoid being uncovered as satanists…” Sadly, it was not just certain students who played the game of “pretend.” Many teachers and at times principals as well are satanists by night in the school system of America.

She admitted to being gang-raped by the coven as well in one of many rituals her parents forced her to attend. Not surprisingly, the former major abortionist in Asheville, NC, was also a member of this powerful coven, and both he and his sons were part of the gang raping ritual. She told me he was chosen to do sacrifices in their rituals, because of his skills as an abortionist(!)

It was not uncommon for people to throw bags of blood and feces at the brave souls who protested outside, trying to stop the murder of children inside the FemCare facility where he worked.

“We held many rituals in Seeley’s Castle on Town Mountain Road. Many infants were sacrificed there…” 

Many other former satanists I interviewed there confirmed this about Seely’s Castle. One person even admitted, “We skinned that baby alive to the screams of ‘hail satan.’ I took it’s remains home, forced it down the garbage disposal, and saved the skull to burn candles to satan on…”

It is not well-known outside of satanic circles, but the owners of Seeley’s Castle are the descendant of Aleister Crowley and their fortune came through the contacts they made working for the UN.

One young man I spoke to in downtown Asheville while ministering to homeless in the park, admitted to me his family was multi-generational vampires from that region, and showed me some of his occult paraphernalia that he carefully unwrapped.
Yes, vampirism is also found in the mountains of NC and TN. In fact, vampirism is where the “Goth” look comes from. Goths have that pale, pasty white look on their faces for a reason. Drinking blood creates anemia in the person doing it. Anemics have very pale complexions as a result.
This is the origin of the name of the hidden town of Bat Cave, right outside Asheville, as well as the neighboring Transylvania County, a home of incestuous activity for over 200 years.
Even DHHS services in Asheville are infiltrated with satanists. They use their positions in the Department of Health and Human Services to seize children from poorer homes in that county. The pretence they use is that “the home is too poor” to take adequate care of the children. What frequently happens then to those seized children??? There’s a reason Barack Hussein Obama and his evil priestess wife visit the 12 Bones barbecue each time they come to town, which is more often than is publicized. How can you explain restaurant owners who go from penniless hippies to selling their restaurant and moving to a mansion on a small island in Hawaii in just 3 years???
I was informed that some of these precious children were then sold to homosexual households out of state. They were forced into satanist covens. They were even sacrificed. Or sold to pedophiles in that region as well. A friend, former CIA, admitted that the DHHS in that area was the most satanist-infiltrated agency there.
When one Christian family I was assisting, tried to rescue such children from the corrupt hands of the satanists with the DSS there, they came under horrific attack. A roadblock was set up one night for the husband, as he was coming home on a lone country road. As soon as he brought his car to a stop, three satanist gunmen emerged with fully automatic AK-47s blazing.


And in one hour of earthshaking judgments upon this region, that once-great city of Asheville will someday be no more.
FALLEN will be their many satanist-owned mansions…
FALLEN will be that corrupt county courthouse…
FALLEN will be the satanist front churches…
FALLEN will be grim Seely’s Castle and every other satanist mansion on Town Mountain Road…
FALLEN will be every satanist owned business establishment…
FALLEN will be the horrific satanist caverns of the Smoky Mountains wherein so many victims have perished at their bloody hands…
And even as earth will lament, Heaven shall rejoice as the blood of the innocents who perished on their altars in finally avenged at the hands of a Holy God Who
when I went to the NC Bureau of Victim Justice to report one confessed act of human sacrifice, they warned me, 

“This kind of thing is much more common in these parts than most people think. And don’t even trust the police you think are working with  you…because many of them ARE SATANISTS.” 

So much for legal help in fighting satanism in this region, I remember thinking sadly.

In fact, at least one prominent judge in Asheville is, by night, just one more human-sacrificing satanist. Even Christian police officers warned me about this very  judge



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  1. Good grief, you really believe what you are writing here? I am a Satanist, and none of the thousands of Satanists I know sacrifice people, nor do they worship slavishly Satan as Christians do to Jesus. We Satanists love liberty, individualism and empowerment, so nobody and nothing controls us. It may be so that Jesus has control over you and other Christians, but Satan empowers Satanists not controls us.

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